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    Triple Crown Winner Whirlaway / Mr. Longtail: The People's Champion

    Broadcasting Helium: The People's Network

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    Walking distance to Churchill Downs, the LongTail Building is located at 2532 S 4th St, Louisville, KY 40208 in an opportunity zone blocks away from the University of Louisville surrounded by new student housing. The LongTail Building is a multi-use entrepreneurial event space reimagining the building’s history as the Whirlaway Tavern and nineteenth-century community store and bank. Triple Crown-winning horse Whirlaway was nicknamed Mr. Longtail. Named after Whirlaway, LongTail also represents part of a distribution curve, the “long tail” that drives technology adoption at scale by allowing people to participate in decentralized economies through time and attention. Today the LongTail Building hosts offices for early-stage crypto-first investment funds, The 6ixth Event and Narwhal Ventures. The LongTail Building hosts events for early-stage companies and investors from around the country. The space is available for events, artists, non-profits, and community functions.


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    The LongTail building broadcasts DePIN networks, runs distributed protocols, holds offices for venture funds, family offices, and early-stage companies. The LongTail Building hosts events with startups and investors located around the country and select community / non-profit events. The space showcases the region’s rich history and culture - a former bourbon haunt named after a Triple Crown-winning horse. Historic brick, block glass, and hand-cut timbers. Designed by an award-winning architect with hand-painted signs and details and spaces that feel like a Kentucky barn complete with hookups for food trucks for a jamboree. Focused on outdoor spaces with dozens of trees and native gardens, designed to create a flow between the outside and inside. The LongTail Building boasts modern tech such as super-fast access to a Helium-based IoT / LoRaWAN / Mobile Network.


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    Founded in 1860 as an cemetery, then orphanage, community grocery store, bank, cafe, and bourbon bar, surviving fires and worse: Prohibition. Named after the Calumet Farm thoroughbred and 1941 Triple Crown winner, Whirlaway / Mr. Longtail, was the only horse to ever win the unoffcial 'Fourth Leg' of the Triple Crown the Travers Stakes. A leading 'celebrity' of the day he raised money for WWII war bonds and emblazoned Allied Liberator bombers. Over 150 years after inception, the LongTail Building was restored by Narwhal Ventures, featuring an American Institute of Architects | KY Merit Award-winning architect, local construction and carpentry, a Kentucky College of Art & Design grad and nationally renowned Ghost Sign specialists. Historic signs on the building’s exterior were preserved and restored by hand from archival photos, commemorating the history of the community and space.

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