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    Authentic Louisville for over 160 Years

  • About

    Historic Bourbon Bar, Horse Racing Dive | Reimagined as Something New

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    Walking distance to Churchill Downs, the LongTail Building is located at 2532 S 4th St, Louisville, KY 40208 in an opportunity zone blocks away from the University of Louisville surrounded by new student housing. The LongTail Building is a multi-use entrepreneurial event space reimagining the building’s history as the Whirlaway Tavern and nineteenth-century grocery store and bank. Triple Crown-winning horse Whirlaway was nicknamed Mr. Longtail. Named after Whirlaway, LongTail also represents part of a distribution curve, the “long tail” that drives technology adoption at scale and allows participating in decentralized economies.


    Today the LongTail Building hosts offices for early-stage crypto-first investment funds, the 6ixth Event, and Narwhal Ventures. The LongTail Building hosts events for early-stage companies and investors from around the country. The space is available for events, artists, non-profits, and community functions.

  • Partners

    Startup Investment & Community Events

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    The LongTail building holds offices for funds investing in early-stage companies. The LongTail Building hosts events and working sessions with startups and investors located around the country. The space showcases the region’s rich history and culture. Quintessential regional experience from a former bourbon haunt named after a Triple Crown-winning horse. Historic brick, block glass, and hand-cut timbers. Designed by an award-winning architect with hand-painted signs and details and spaces that feel like a Kentucky barn complete with hookups for food trucks for a jamboree. Primary importance was given to the outdoor spaces with over 50 trees planted and botanical gardens starting to grow, all designed to create a flow between the outside and inside of the location. The LongTail Building boasts modern technology such as super-fast internet access from fiber run on a Ruckus network, ultra-short-throw projection screens with next-gen teleconferencing from Meeting Owl, and a Helium-based IoT / LoRaWAN Network.


    The building is a working experiment exploring ways to reimagine space in an urban environment. Event spaces that flex for different uses from the community while incorporating outdoor space. Workplace design for evolving needs around communal and distributed workforces including outdoor options. Urban landscapes positively impact the environment by disproportionately sequestering carbon through a high-density tree and plant design.

  • Incubator

    Exploring Different Paths to Create New Businesses

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    New businesses - across the long tail of the distribution curve - outside traditional venture models, exploring real-world problems and solutions with distributed technology. Focused on developing decentralized startup models for people starting businesses without raising venture capital. Designing paths for people without college degrees who are interested in entrepreneurship in order to do meaningful work with impact. Currently exploring NextGen Events, Distributed Workplace Design, and Carbon Positive Landscapes. Blue-collar crypto in action.

  • LongTail Events

    NextGen Events

    Flexible community popups with outdoor space

    LongTail Workplace Design

    Distributed Workplace Design

    Evolving spaces around the changing nature of work

    LongTail Carbon Positive Landscaping

    Carbon Positive Landscapes

    Carbon sequestration from chemical-free landscapes

  • History

    Reimaginging the Past as a Path forward

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    The LongTail Building restoration was a team effort in reimagining the use of indoor and outside spaces. The project was done by Studio Mayo architects (American Institute of Architects | 2018 KY Merit Award), Lichtefeld Construction, Sweet Carpentry of Kentuckiana (boutique carpenter), and Slugger City Signs (artist at Kentucky College of Art & Design) and Mighty Fine Signs (Ghost Sign specialist from Portland, OR). Historic signs on the building’s exterior were preserved and restored by hand, based on the University of Louisville’s archival photos, all commemorating the history of the city and space.

  • Studio Mayo Architects Logo

    Studio MAYO

    Award-winning architecture firm

    Lichtefeld Construction Logo

    Lichtefeld Construction

    Building for a century

    Sweet Carpentry Kenuckianna Logo

    Sweet Carpentry

    Bespoke craftsmanship

    Slugger City Signs Logo

    Slugger City Sign Co.

    Large scale and modern art

    Mighty Fine Signs Logo

    Mighty Fine Signs

    Restoration and period art

  • FAQ

    Frenquently Asked Questions

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  • Who Calls the LongTail Building Home?

    The LongTail Building holds offices and entrepreneurial spaces for the 6ixth Event | Cataclysmic Capital, A Crypto-First Founders' Fund, and Narwhal Ventures, A Crypto-First Family Office. These firms actively invest in distributed, decentralized technology and work with startups across the country and the world.

    Can I hold our event at the LongTail Building?

    The LongTail Building hosts select events. Give us a shout.

    Is the space available for other things?

    The space serves the broader community. Supporting alternative paths for entrepreneurial skill development outside the traditional investment model, focusing on blue-collar crypto. If you're an artist or non-profit give us a shout.

    What amenities does the space offer?

    A variety of indoor/outdoor spaces (50+ trees) including an infrared heated three-season patio and pavilion (think Kentucky barn), designed to bring the outdoors inside. Flexible configuration from conference, to classroom, to open space. Catering space with commercial prep/fridge/freezer with outside hookups for multiple food trucks. Blazing wifi (fiber on a Ruckus system). Projection (ultra-short throw). Teleconferencing (Meeting Owl). Additional fun (RGB lighting, Helium network, etc.). Multiple transportation options with easy ride sharing, bicycle, scooter, and public transportation access (direct bus stop). Authenticity. You have the carpet patterns of the hotel chain meeting rooms memorized. This is different by design, with trees, breeze, and hand-painted murals restoring historic ghost signs from the region’s rich history.

    How do I contact you?

    Please email us at: info@golongtailbuilding.com

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