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    LongTail Building

    Historic bourbon bar, horse racing dive turned entrepreneurial event space

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    Entrepreneurial Space Hosting Select Private Events

    Walking distance to Churchill Downs, blocks away from the University of Louisville, the LongTail Building houses newly renovated open indoor and expansive outdoor spaces - with trees and gardens in the city. Previously the Whirlaway Tavern, originally a grocery store then bank. The location boasts, brick, glass, and restored historic signs to honor the history of the region. Triple Crown-winning horse Whirlaway was nicknamed Mr. Longtail, the building’s namesake.

  • Use

    Entrepreneurial and Event Spaces

    6ixth Event Logo

    The 6ixth Event

    Entrepreneurial spaces for the 6ixth Event | Cataclysmic Capital.

    Narwhal Ventures Logo

    Narwhal Ventures

    Home offices for Narwhal Ventures, working with startups across the country.

    Longtail Building Logo


    The LongTail Building hosts select private events.

  • Reimagination

    Experts restoring history, reimagining the LongTail Building

    Longtail Ventures Logo

    LongTail Ventures

    Reminaging historical spaces.

    Studio Mayo Architects Logo

    Studio MAYO

    Award-winning architecture firm.

    Lichtefeld Construction Logo

    Lichtefeld Construction

    Celebrating 100 years.

    Sweet Carpentry Kenuckianna Logo

    Sweet Carpentry

    Bespoke craftsmanship.

    Slugger City Signs Logo

    Slugger City Sign Co.

    Historical restoration and modern art.

    Mighty Fine Signs Logo

    Mighty Fine Signs

    Large scale and period art.

  • FAQ

    Commonly Asked Tidbits

    Who Calls the LongTail Building Home?

    The LongTail Building holds offices and entrepreneurial spaces for the 6ixth Event | Cataclysmic Capital and Narwhal Ventures. These firms actively invest in emerging technology and work with startups across the country and the world.

    What Amenties Does the LongTail Building Offer?

    Blazing wifi, projection and sound, catering space, and configurable indoor and outdoor spaces - with trees and gardens in the city. Walking distance to Churchill Downs and the University of Louisville.

    How Was the Building Reminagined?

    A team of experts performed the historical renovations and reimagining, including award-winning Studio MAYO architecture firm, local construction firm celebrating their centennial anniversary Lichtefeld, Inc., Sweet Carpentry, Slugger City Sign Co., and Might Fine Signs, specializing in period signs and new art.

    Is the LongTail Building Available for Private Events?

    Yes, the LongTail Building hosts select private events. Contact below for details.

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    LongTail Building on Twitter
    LongTail Building on Twitter